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Step 1 – Design

The customer along with contractor comes up with a pool design. Plans are drawn and permits with City and County are obtained.

Step 2 – Excavation

Prior to the digging of your swimming pool, it is important to wet the ground to soften the soil and remove anything that you wish to save out of the way of the tractor as they start digging.

Step 3 – Plumbing

Our plumbers will be trenching for the plumbing lines to be run under ground. These trenches will be filled in sometime after inspection and gunite.

Step 4 – Pre-Gunite Inspection

A city/county inspector will look at the swimming pool and approve the job to proceed to gunite.

Step 5 – Gunite

Once your pool has been gunited, it is very important that the gunite be watered twice a day for the next ten days starting the day after gunite. Simply wet all gunited areas just like you would if you were watering your plants or lawn.

Step 6 – Underground Electrical Conduit/Gas Line

If applicable, any electrical conduit and gas line will be installed. No trenches can be filled until these are installed and inspected.

Step 7 – Underground Electrical/Gas Line Inspection

Once these lines are installed, an inspection is required and must be approved prior to filling trenches.

Step 8 – Tile/Waterfalls

The tile that you select will be installed usually about 5-7 days after gunite has cured. Waterfall, rock, brick or flagstone will be installed around this time as well.

Step 9 – Deck Setup

At this state the forms will be set up for the concrete around your pool. Most trenches will be filled at that time. After set up, you should keep ground moist prior to pour.

Step 10 – Pre-deck Inspection

The inspector from the city/county will inspect the pool to approve for concrete pour.

Step 11 – Deck Pour

The concrete around your pool will be scheduled to pour. The contractor will notify you regarding pour date.

Step 12 – Electrical Hook-Up and Equipment Set Up

The electrical will be hooked up and your equipment will be set if it was not installed at an earlier stage of your construction.

Step 13 – Pre-Plaster Inspection

During this inspection, someone over the age of 18 must be home for the inspection. The inspector will check the door alarms, final electrical and the barrier requirements.

Step 14 – After Plastering takes place

Leave hose attached to hose bib for personnel to place in swimming pool to begin filling of your swimming pool.   This is a slow filling process.   No pressure is needed which may disturb the plaster.   Water is a curing agent for the plaster and it is very important that you leave the water on and let the swimming pool fill continuously.   DO NOT turn the water off at any time during filling process.   Once the water has reached the middle of your tile or grout line, you may turn the water off.   Once your pool is full, you must contact our office to arrange for your pool equipment to be started and for your complimentary “Pool School”.   A final inspection may be required in your city/county.   Once your pool equipment is started and your heater (if applicable), has been hooked up, please call us to arrange for final inspection.

Enjoy the pool of your dreams!

This is the correct process to building a good quality, long lasting swimming pool, with all the proper permits and inspections to enjoy for decades to come.